Writing the Fear Games Series Finale

Writing the three-part series finale of Fear Games, titled “Tear the World Down.” It’s funny, but also sad at the same time. When I started writing Fear Games a few months ago, my only intention was to have it be a Wattpad miniseries with 12 episodes and a conclusive ending.
About a week after I finished writing season 1, an idea came to me about what a season 2 could potentially look like, which of course, led to a season 3. As of right now I have no more story to tell for Fear Games, but that doesn’t mean I may not have a reason to visit it again in the future. But as of right now, the story that is currently Fear Games, will be over after season 3.
I picked the title “Tear the World Down” for a few reasons. We Are the Fallen has a song with the same exact title, and I felt that it was very fitting.
Part of the song says,
“My loveless life
I’m lost in you tonight
Waiting for you to turn around
Only to tear the whole world down.”
Everything about this finale will not only come full circle, but will have more deaths than any episode before. Blood will be shed, and at this point in the series, the main goal of the characters is to simply survive.
I’ve saved all the best twists for the final season, which I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.
You can read the entire series from the beginning here.

Fear Games Premiere, The Long Road Home Preview

As some of you may have noticed, my presence on Wattpad has been growing the last week. With Fear Games’ premiere last Monday, and posting the first chapter of The Long Road Home as a preview, I’ve been attempting to draw in new readers.

Part of the reason I chose to do Fear Games as an online miniseries on Wattpad is due to the growing popularity of books on the site. The interactions with readers in phenomenal. In fact, many of the readers on Wattpad are kind, dedicated, and optimistic any time their favorite writer adds something new. It is an environment I’m truly happy to be part of now, and I look forward to seeing you there.

You can find the premiere of Fear Games right here.

You can find the first chapter of The Long Road Home right here.

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Book Review: The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #2) by Michelle Hodkin

Ever read a book where the entire time you’re thinking to yourself “WTF?” and “How is this going to make any sense?”

That was me with this book. After that terrible cliffhanger we were left with after the first book, I knew I need to get my grabby hands on this book immediately. I started it the day that it arrived and have now finished three days later.

*Spoilers if you have no read the first book*

The story continues to the of Mara Dyer after she finds out that Jude is alive. She wakes up in hospital, where’s she’s told she had a complete breakdown and needs to stay for an evaluation. This sets up the premise for me entire book.


What I Liked:


I loved the way the story progressed naturally, and how it didn’t feel like a slow read. While it is bigger than the first book by about a hundred pages, I felt as though this book progressed faster and kept my attention longer than the first book, where you had to make it at least 50% before it got interesting. This was intriguing all the way through.

The mystery was the best part, and trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t help but try and dissect everything, and yet nothing was making much sense to me, except what I’ll get to in the one thing I didn’t like.

The characters also seemed a lot more developed in this book, although Noah seemed very distant in this book, and I feel like we don’t really get a clear answer as to why. I’m hoping that gets resolved in the last book.


What I Didn’t Like:


The thing that bugged me the most about the book was the predictability of the ending. I mean, it’s practically foreshadowed in the first chapter, and sometimes that works well with certain books, but not so much a mystery. I totally saw it coming, and to me, it was rather disappointing in that manner.




This book was an amazing second installment to the Mara Dyer trilogy, and I look forward to reading the final book (which is on its way in the mail). My only hope is that the resolution is not as predictable was this one was.

New (Sort Of) Series: Masquerade

Hey everyone!

How have you all been? I have been super busy the last few days with my move, but I’m super excited to talk to you about my new online serial drama Masquerade! 

This may sound familiar to some of you. In fact, it may sound very familiar. That’s because Masquerade was a series I was writing earlier in the year. While I was writing it, I had a sudden urge to add in a plot twist, but it didn’t turn out very well due to other things that happened in the series.

Now I’m writing it again. It follows the lives of a group of teens at a high school called Wellington. Each of them starts seeing a mysterious figure they call Masquerade, and soon they realize they’re caught in a much bigger mystery than they thought. Who is the Masquerade? What do they want? Is there more than one? Why are they doing this?

So many questions and so much time to flesh it out. I welcome you to join this journey with me, because I really enjoy the series, concept, and characters.

Be warned: This series is self-published online by me. I have edited to the best of my abilities and hope that the story is intriguing. I have no plans of ever making this a book, because I love the idea of a serial drama.

Right now there’s a Season One. This follows one school year of their lives. It will consist of about 20-22 “episodes” to read, and if it does well, I will continue. I have enough story to last about 3 seasons.

There’s no specific days that I post, simply because my life is busy. I try to post as often as possible to keep readers interested. And guess what? The first few episodes are already up! If you notice, there’s a Masquerade tab at the top (or in the “menu” if you’re on mobile). Click on that and it’ll bring you to the list of episodes! Or you can go to the blog http://www.whoismasquerade.wordpress.com.

I hope you join me on this journey, as I’m really excited! I love to interact with the readers, so if you have theories, tell me! I love them!

Thanks so much for your patience with me lately. News on Shadow People coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy Masquerade!

-Alec John Belle

My Newest Project: A Serial Drama

Today is the beginning of a new writing project that I’m very excited about. A few years ago, I came up with the idea for a horror story called Fear Games. After re-writing it several times, I realized this is the direction I want to go with the story.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Did I want to self-publish it or publish it through Booktrope? Eventually, I came to my decision. I am writing it as a serial on Wattpad. This means that you don’t get the story all at once, but rather, I update it as I go. This seems like something I’d be very cautious of, but because I have it all planned out, I have no doubt in my mind that it’ll work.

Part 1 has been updated today. To give you an idea of what Fear Games is all about, let’s take a look at the synopsis:

The Fear Games are on.

Rachel, Esmerada, David, Alex, Ryan, and Kelly all have seemingly normal, but separate, lives. Until an invitation to Fear Games, a new haunted house in town, brings them all together. At first it starts out as fun, but when one of them nearly dies, they realize the house is more than what it seems.

And they’re all locked inside.

Someone inside the house wants them to remember. Something that they all did. When people start to die, the group realizes this is no longer a game. As the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place, Fear Games brings you a dark morality tale that will leave you speechless.

Because it’s on Wattpad, I didn’t have very many cover options. But this is the cover I’ve created for Fear Games.

Fear Games

This series is also very short and will only consist of ten parts. By the time it’s finished, it’ll be about the size of a novelette. If this series gets enough notice on Wattpad, I may self-publish it on Amazon or I may publish it through Booktrope. I’m kind of indecisive about that as of right now.

But I’m very excited to be starting this serial drama. Click here to start reading. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. 🙂