New (Sort Of) Series: Masquerade

Hey everyone!

How have you all been? I have been super busy the last few days with my move, but I’m super excited to talk to you about my new online serial drama Masquerade! 

This may sound familiar to some of you. In fact, it may sound very familiar. That’s because Masquerade was a series I was writing earlier in the year. While I was writing it, I had a sudden urge to add in a plot twist, but it didn’t turn out very well due to other things that happened in the series.

Now I’m writing it again. It follows the lives of a group of teens at a high school called Wellington. Each of them starts seeing a mysterious figure they call Masquerade, and soon they realize they’re caught in a much bigger mystery than they thought. Who is the Masquerade? What do they want? Is there more than one? Why are they doing this?

So many questions and so much time to flesh it out. I welcome you to join this journey with me, because I really enjoy the series, concept, and characters.

Be warned: This series is self-published online by me. I have edited to the best of my abilities and hope that the story is intriguing. I have no plans of ever making this a book, because I love the idea of a serial drama.

Right now there’s a Season One. This follows one school year of their lives. It will consist of about 20-22 “episodes” to read, and if it does well, I will continue. I have enough story to last about 3 seasons.

There’s no specific days that I post, simply because my life is busy. I try to post as often as possible to keep readers interested. And guess what? The first few episodes are already up! If you notice, there’s a Masquerade tab at the top (or in the “menu” if you’re on mobile). Click on that and it’ll bring you to the list of episodes! Or you can go to the blog

I hope you join me on this journey, as I’m really excited! I love to interact with the readers, so if you have theories, tell me! I love them!

Thanks so much for your patience with me lately. News on Shadow People coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy Masquerade!

-Alec John Belle