Forbidden Darkness Cover Reveal, Why I Wrote the Book

Today I am very happy to share with you the official cover for my re-release, Forbidden Darkness!

Cover and description.
Cover and description.

I’m very excited to say that this book will be released to the world on June 5th, 2015.  This book is very important to me, as well as the series as a whole.

One thing I know I’m going to get asked is this:  Why did you choose to incorporate things like suicide, self-harm, and depression in a world that’s supposed to for entertainment?  The answer to that question is actually pretty simple.

I do not believe in censorship.  When I wrote my first novel, Before I Break and it made its debut in September of 2014 (which is also re-releasing this July), I was very concerned about the type of response it would get.  Many authors including my very favorite, Ellen Hopkins, get banned from schools and certain places because of the type of things their books cover.

Forbidden Darkness focuses on Heather Hawkins, who just recently almost lost her best friend Kristen to suicide.  The affect effect that it leaves on Heather is sad, because throughout the novel she worries that it’s going to happen again. Heather’s mom worries that Heather will turn out like Kristen.  Philip, who is now Heather’s love interest, plays a role in the things that happened to Kristen.  While Heather is the main protagonist of the book, what happened with Kristen was pretty damaging to everyone around her.

When Heather realizes she’s a Monster Hunter and is being stalked by a guy named Kadin in her dreams, she notices he can wield Darkness.  The idea of the Darkness came to me when I originally named the first book Negative Energy.  I won’t go too much into the story because I still want people to read it, but the Darkness is basically a physical form of all those negative emotions you feel.  And it’s entirely, 100% evil.

I look forward to being able to dig into other issues as this series goes along, and for you to see the true potential of Darkness.  Just like life, we all have a little Darkness inside us, and when everything is going on around us, we need to learn not to give in.  Never give into the Darkness, because it will take over your life in ways that you may never have imagined.

The hidden messages are thrown throughout the novel, and I hope now this will make it easier for people to catch them. Writing this series was a way of controlling my Darkness.  What will you do to control yours?

Forbidden Darkness wrap


New Blog Coming: “Beyond The Scars”

Hi everyone!  I apologize for my absence lately.  Between editing my books and preparing them for republication, I have had so much going on, especially since I’m still a full-time student.

As you all know, I’m currently a blogger at the You Matter Blogger Council, which is basically a branch off of the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.  I’ve been trying to figure out some things I can do once I stop writing for them, and I came up with this idea that I’m so excited to share with you all.

A few years ago, I started a Facebook page called Beyond the Scars, a page in which people could reach out to me if they were in the middle of a crisis.  I wanted to do the best I could to help prevent suicide, because it is a topic very close to my heart.  I then unpublished the page because it wasn’t really going anywhere, and I needed some sort of outlet.

I don’t know why it took me so long to come up with this idea, but I decided I wanted to start an online blog used for suicide prevention.  Then I decided, why not have it be much broader?  Suicide isn’t the only thing young adults may be dealing with. Things like abuse, discovering sexuality, eating disorders, coming of age, applying for college, getting financial aid, overcoming illness, etc. are just to name a few.  I wanted to create a place for people to be able to share their stories.

Beyond the Scars is going to be my new blog.  Yes, I will still use this for book related things, so don’t worry.  Beyond the Scars will be a place where people can submit stories, poems, resources, blog posts, etc. for teenagers who are struggling.  With the blog, they will have the option to remain anonymous or use their names.  Obviously the rules will be more in depth once I create the blog, but I want YOU to know that submissions will be open.  It’s open to everyone and will give them an opportunity to share their stories.  All submissions will go through me, and edits may be made for grammatical and formatting purposes.

Please keep in mind that this blog will be about overcoming challenges.  It’ll be a place where people can know they’re not alone, and there will in fact be a resource page for things like that National Suicide Prevention Hotline and many more!

The website is here!  If it is unavailable right now, that means the site is currently being fixed up.

I just want to let you all know that I’m really excited about this.  The blog will be small at first, but I’m really proud of this project.  I hope to get submissions from people soon!  I’ll have details about that soon.