Poll: What Should My Next Book Be?

I did something similar to this about a year ago, and I seem to have come across this issue once again. The Long Road Home was last year’s winner, and between trying to get that book up, going to school, and now finally working a part-time job, I would love some help getting a choice cleared up for me.

I have many ideas for books in my head. So many that I wish I could just be a full-time author and write them all right now, but that’s nearly impossible (maybe not forever, hopefully). The choice is now in YOUR hands which book I write next, because I can’t seem to make up my mind. The choices are all listed here, and at the bottom, there’s a poll. If you don’t vote in the poll, your vote does not count.

Let the voting begin!

1. Every Shade of Me

I came up with the idea for this book a few weeks ago and started writing the first chapter. This book is intended to be a standalone novel, although set in the same world Before I Break and The Long Road Home are. This means a few familiar faces might come and go throughout the book, but I’m not giving any idea as to to who!

Here is the working synopsis:

“Everyone is made up of colors. I just have a little more.”

Caden has always been different. From the time he started truly understanding what emotions were, he knew that something about him was special. It wasn’t until he turned eighteen that he realized what he was.

An empath.

Being an empath hasn’t come without cost. While Caden is always told it’s a gift, the overwhelming wave of emotions is starting to run his life. Between starting his first year of college, living by himself, and trying to make a name for himself as a writer, he fears getting close to anyone. As he starts to fall in love with a boy he meets online, the worry strikes up. Getting close means getting hurt. Getting close means having to feel.

And as he’s learned from past experiences, feelings always have a way of taking control.

2. Spirit Walkers (Wattpad Series)

This series will be an official Wattpad series, with a new episode every week. I started it about two years ago, but then deleted everything I had, and I find myself having to start over. The idea has been nagging at me for a while now, yet I have such bad writer’s block with all these other ideas, it’s making it hard for me to write.

Here is the working synopsis:

When Holden ran away, he never expected he’d get into an accident. When he awakens, he finds himself inside a house with a group of people who are taking care of him. Although they seem normal, they all share one dark secrets–they are Spirit Walkers, people who are capable of turning into their Spirit Animals.

And they believe Holden is one, too.

Between getting feelings for Nathan, his primary caretaker, and discovering this new world around him, he realizes that not everything is as it seems. In this all-new series, friendship, romance, and loyalty will be tested, especially when destiny is inescapable.

You can also read the first episode here.

3. Fiery Passion (The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles, #3)

This is the third book in my paranormal YA series that I started years ago. After finally getting the nerve to publish the first book in 2014, and the second in 2015, I find myself wondering if I should write and release this book this year.

The problem with this is that I’ll need to get the first two books back up on Amazon, as they were unpublished. I’ve found the idea nagging at me again and I really would love to get back to it. I won’t post the synopsis, as it’s spoilery for those who have not read it yet.

4. The Long Road Home Sequel

The Long Road Home released in April of this year, becoming my favorite book that I’ve written. An idea for a sequel came to me, which will also take place around the same time as Every Shade of Me. This book might be relevant for a book that I plan on writing in the future, although I can’t give too much away on that.

Despite wanting to write this book, I have no concrete plot as of yet.It’s also a book that might not even happen because I’m so unsure about it, but I won’t know until I try diving head-first into it.

So what do you think? Let me know in the poll below!



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