Fear Games Finale Q&A: [SPOILER!] Is The Killer

The Fear Games finale has finally arrived, answering readers’ burning questions. The killer was revealed, and if you have not read the finale, you can go to the Fear Games tab near the top and find the episode to read before you read this interview. After you read it, grab a bg of popcorn and read on!






For starters, how did you get the idea for Fear Games?

The idea actually came to me when I was in fifth grade. The story was very different, and actually included monsters and werewolves and such. The idea eventually evolved into something else, in which Esme was a robot (who didn’t know she was one) that was killing everyone. Finally, I came up with the plot that you have just read, and I liked it more than any of the other ideas. So here it is.

How far into the process was Ryan chosen as the killer?

For me, there was no choosing. I came up with the Ryan storyline before I even started writing and before some of the other characters even existed. There was one minor element that changed, which is that Noah had an emotional disability. That came in later on.

Ryan obviously had some mental health problems, at least that is what can be inferred, correct?

I think it depends. Ryan and Noah both struggled with some emotional problems, although, like Ryan said, Noah always had that desire to be normal. I think Ryan would have turned out okay if it were not for his brother’s death. That is what truly sent him over the edge. In his own way, he loved his brother. He wanted to avenge the death of someone he cared about and wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. While it was 110% the wrong thing to do, a lot of people can probably relate to his anger.

Ryan’s parents were aware that he was the killer, correct?

Yes. The reason why they were acting so strangely is because of the fact that they had a bit of an inkling as to who it was. When they went to his dorm, they immediately contacted the police. The reason it took so long was because his college, while unspecified, isn’t nearby. It was a long trip.

Who is your favorite character and why?

Honestly, I have to say it’s probably Ryan. I’ve always had a thing for bad guys in shows and books, and I feel like Ryan did have a heart…to a certain extent. He was hurting very much. It was sad for me to see him go down the path he went. I just spent 11 episodes trying to build this story, so being able to finally tell it has been my favorite part.

Did you ever consider making Noah alive at one point?

I actually did. When Noah’s story started unfolding, I had this little nudge that told me he could live and possibly come save the day LOL. Unfortunately, I realized if Noah was alive, it would completely take away from Ryan’s motive. Noah needed to be 100% dead in order for Ryan’s motive to be understandable.

How does it feel to finally say who the killer is out loud?

It feels really good, actually. I was so excited for this moment to come. I love the motive, I love Ryan, and the entire story makes me almost cry every time. I am happy that readers are having a similar reaction. To be able to start this conversation is exactly what I hoped for.

Bullying obviously played a huge part in the story, as well as Ryan’s motive. Why did you chose that as a running theme?

Bullying is a huge problem in America. It’s something that people don’t realize can have very negative affects. In a way, the story was meant to have a moral and a message. When someone trusts you with a secret, keep it that way. Don’t bully people. Don’t treat people as though they are of little value.

The ending was one of the most powerful scenes of the series. Do you believe Rachel saying Noah changed her is an accurate analysis?

110%. Ryan wanted to teach her a lesson, but in truth, it was Noah. She became a much more understanding person by the end, and I think many readers are feeling the same way.

So what happens to Isaiah?

You can imagine he’ll likely spend the rest of his life in prison. At least a good part of it. Because he’s 17, and laws can be stupid, who really knows?

Since Ryan was with the group the entire time in the Fear Games house, how did he manage to make the voice over the speakers talk at the right moments?

While that question is never answered directly, almost every time Ryan was on his phone. You can see that he was using something on his phone. He used a woman’s voice to mislead the group.

At the end of the episode, it said “The End” but then said “For now?” What does this mean? Will there be a continuation of some kind?

This is actually something that I’ve been wanting to answer for a while but haven’t been able to because I want people to read the ending first. After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided that I am writing a season 2!

Now that everyone from season 1 aside from Rachel and Isaiah are dead, how will the story continue?

I will actually leave the synopsis for season 2 below. I’ve written four episodes of it already–the premiere is “Let the Games Begin–Again”–and am currently working on the fifth. It’s another 12 episodes. Basically, there is a new set of characters. But that doesn’t mean Rachel won’t be in it…you’ll learn what happened to her by the second episode. It’s not what you’d expect at all.

Season 2 is a wild ride. It’s very different. The Games are different. This new person isn’t Ryan, because he’s obviously dead. That’s all I can say for now. You can read the synopsis here.


One year after Ryan killed a group of teens, Josh and his friends are expecting who has the best school year ever as they approach senior year. When Damian, Josh’s best friend since childhood, goes missing, Josh can’t help but feel like something is wrong.

Soon the Fear Games start again, and just like Rachel once was, Josh is caught in the middle. As Josh races to find answers, he realizes the Fear Games run far deeper than he ever imagined.

And this time there may be more than one killer running the Games.




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