Fear Games Horror Serial Drama Announcement

So many of you have seen me making posts about something called Fear Games that I’ve been working on. I’ve been holding off on making an official announcement, but now is the time!

Fear Games is a story I originally came up with in fifth grade. From there, it’s sat in my head and taken on a new life. Last year I tried to revive it on Wattpad, but unfortunately, because life got in the way, I was never able to finish it.

In the coming weeks, I will hopefully have a bigger update for you. As of right now, all I have is the synopsis for the serial drama.

Rachel never thought her past would catch up to her. 

When she and her friends are invited to a new haunted house on Halloween, she expects it to be a night of fun. Before she has a chance to realize what she’s gotten herself into, her friends begin dying at a rapid pace. Someone is after them. Someone out for blood. Someone out for revenge.

As Rachel races to find the truth, she learns that the reason for these murders may be connected to her in a way she never expected. Will she be able to find the killer in time before they make their own move on her? Or will everything she ever loved come crashing down around her? 

With this story, I am going to be doing something a bit different. Each of the new episodes of this serial drama (written as 12 different short stories) will be published through Wattpad so they will be available to everyone for free. Once the series is all done, if fans want physical copies, I will pursue publishing it.

The first episode is titled “Let the Games Begin,” but unfortunately this is all the news I have at the moment. I look forward to giving you more news in the future!


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