The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles Updates

As many of you know, I have released two out of the planned eight book in my paranormal young adult series, The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles. The first two books, Forbidden Darkness and Shadow People are available on Amazon right now, and I’m currently working on the third book, titled Fiery Passion. 

While I am unable to officially announce the synopsis on my blog due to possible spoilers, the synopsis is on the Goodreads page for the book (look with your own discretion). There are some things many people are unaware of that I would like to talk briefly about in this blog post.

For starters, the series is divided into three story arcs. Books 1-3 are arc 1, 4-6 are arc 2, and the final two books are arc 3. So what exactly does this mean? Well, all this means is that there is a different main focus in each of those arcs. For those that have read the first two books, you know that the story has so far followed Heather, and now Hayden, discovering information about the world they live in. What people do not know is that there is a “big bad” and this big bad will be revealed in the third book. This is an antagonist that’s been on the side, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Of course, this may lead you to a few questions, for starters, do you know this person? While I can’t say for sure, it is possible that you have met or have at least heard of this person in some capacity. This person has lots of information, and if you thought the second book revealed a lot, you have no idea what you’re in for with Fiery Passion. 

You also may be wondering, if the “big bad” is revealed in the third book, how will the series continue without being dragged on? I cannot disclose the fate of this antagonist, but I will say that the second story arc features a new antagonist of some kind. The second story arc is one that I’ve had in my head for many years, and one that I’m really excited to get into. The circumstances surrounding this antagonist is my favorite storyline so far, excluding what’s to come in the third and final story arc.

I will not be giving away any information on the last story arc, because if I were to do that, I’d have to be spoilery. I just hope that my readers all trust what I’m doing.

Today I’m also giving you the titles for books 4-6 of The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles.

Frostbite’s Fury (Book 4): What exactly does this mean? What’s Frostbite angry at? Is he the new antagonist? The title’s obviously going to drive you crazy, and for me, that’s part of the fun. *insert evil laugh here*

Angel’s Rage (Book 5): You’re probably wondering the same with with this title, and I can see why. *insert second evil laugh*

Demon Cries (Book 6): I know, I know, you’re seeing a theme here. I don’t even have to insert my third evil laugh because you probably already know I’m doing it.

So as I write the third book in the first story arc, you can now start to ponder what’s coming up. I’ve been asked by several readers why I’ve wanted to take the story on this long, but I’ve had this idea in my head for 6 years and I’ve not lost momentum yet. Just trust me, that’s all I ask. I have a plan (in fact, I have an outline for each book that covers all the main points that happen), and while I cannot possibly please every reader, I have created a series that will try its best to please as many as I can.

I look forward to heading into 2016 with you all, where my contemporary young adult The Long Road Home and Fiery Passion will be released.



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