Book Review: The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #2) by Michelle Hodkin

Ever read a book where the entire time you’re thinking to yourself “WTF?” and “How is this going to make any sense?”

That was me with this book. After that terrible cliffhanger we were left with after the first book, I knew I need to get my grabby hands on this book immediately. I started it the day that it arrived and have now finished three days later.

*Spoilers if you have no read the first book*

The story continues to the of Mara Dyer after she finds out that Jude is alive. She wakes up in hospital, where’s she’s told she had a complete breakdown and needs to stay for an evaluation. This sets up the premise for me entire book.


What I Liked:


I loved the way the story progressed naturally, and how it didn’t feel like a slow read. While it is bigger than the first book by about a hundred pages, I felt as though this book progressed faster and kept my attention longer than the first book, where you had to make it at least 50% before it got interesting. This was intriguing all the way through.

The mystery was the best part, and trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t help but try and dissect everything, and yet nothing was making much sense to me, except what I’ll get to in the one thing I didn’t like.

The characters also seemed a lot more developed in this book, although Noah seemed very distant in this book, and I feel like we don’t really get a clear answer as to why. I’m hoping that gets resolved in the last book.


What I Didn’t Like:


The thing that bugged me the most about the book was the predictability of the ending. I mean, it’s practically foreshadowed in the first chapter, and sometimes that works well with certain books, but not so much a mystery. I totally saw it coming, and to me, it was rather disappointing in that manner.




This book was an amazing second installment to the Mara Dyer trilogy, and I look forward to reading the final book (which is on its way in the mail). My only hope is that the resolution is not as predictable was this one was.


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