Book Review: The Iron Warrior (The Iron Fey, #7) by Julie Kagawa

“And so, after all these years, we finally close the door on The Iron Fey series. But one thing about doors is this: they can always be opened again. Perhaps someday in the future, a door will swing back, and the Nevernever will be glimpsed through the frame once again, urging you to take that first step…into a new adventure.”

The Iron Warrior
Reading this has been one of the hardest things of my life. I remember back in middle school, around 7th grade, when I read the very first Iron Fey book, The Iron King. It was suggested to me by my aunt (nearly everything I read is suggested by her), and I never knew I would experience such a wonderful, creative, emotional journey with these characters.

When The Iron Fey first started, it was originally intended to be 3 books. When I read The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, and The Iron Queen, it was announced that Julie Kagawa was writing an additional book, The Iron Knight. After that, she announced this spin-off. While it is a spin-off, it continues the journey, and to me didn’t feel like a new series. It was a continuation.

For me, The Iron Warrior was a hard book to get through. I waited two years for this book to come out, and it finally did, leaving me an emotional mess. I knew it was the end. I knew that the end of the wonderful journey I delved into many years ago was finally over. I bought the book last weekend and all this week, I slacked, trying my best not to get into it. Today I finally decided enough was enough, and that I needed to see how this ends.

And here I am, crying. I am a blubbering mess. This book had everything I ever wanted, including many characters like Meghan, Ash, Puck, Grimalkin, and also all the new characters we’ve grown to love. I remember way back when Ethan was just a child in the first few books. Now he’s all grown up. His family dynamic has changed. Everything about his life has changed in this final book.

In this conclusion, it was everything I ever wanted and more. While the ending was perfect, I sit here with a sad, heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The Iron Fey is really over, and is one of the best series I’ve ever read. It may be over, but I will never forget how much fun it was.

Thank you, Julie Kagawa, for writing such a masterpiece.

The Iron Fey

The Iron Fey 2

“It was…quite a ride, wasn’t it?” -Meghan Chase


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