Book Review: Don’t Stay Up Late by R.L. Stine

A fair warning to all that read this review: I am fairly new to the Fear Street world, and decided I wanted to review all the books in the Revival series. I have only read a few Fear Street books in the past, and I’ve seen many people saying that the new ones are not as good as the old ones. This is my honest opinion.


Don't Stay Up Late

In one of R.L. Stine’s newest Fear Street books, we have DON’T STAY UP LATE (which, for some odd reason I keep thinking of DON’T GO TO SLEEP, which was a Goosebumps book of his. Thanks for contradicting your messages to readers, Mr. Stine).

In DON’T STAY UP LATE, Lisa is struggling with PTSD after her father is killed in a terrible accident. The accident was very gruesome, and continues to haunt Lisa in her present. She begins seeing a therapist, who suggests that Lisa does something with her time to keep from thinking about the fact that she’s seeing (GASP!) demons. The therapist suggests Babysitting.

Meanwhile, Lisa is having issues with her recent boyfriend Nate. Throughout the book, there are several instances where Lisa ponders whether Nate is the demon that she’s seeing, and while I won’t spoil the ending, I can say her reasons are pretty justifiable. She tries asking her friends what is up with him, but gets no luck.

So Lisa starts babysitting Harry, who is the sweetest little boy EVER. Only problem is, the demons won’t leave her alone. As the book goes forward, and Lisa tries to convince everyone that what she’s seeing is real, people start dying. Every time she sees a demon.

This fast-paced book was intriguing enough to keep me interested, and I loved the way it kept my heart pounding until the end. Wish there was a little more explanation at the end, but overall, the book is worth it and is a great Halloween read for both children and teens alike.

You can buy DON’T STAY UP LATE here.


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