What I Want to Gain as an Author

It’s very rare that I get asked why I wanted to become an author. One would think I’d get that question a lot, but it’s only been asked a few times in the last two years. The good thing is, I never had an answer until recently.

Every author has a reason for wanting to write. Some say it’s because they just enjoy the love of writing, but I’m going to be a little cliche here for a moment. The reason why wanted to become an author is because I want to tell the stories of the world. Stories that people can relate to. With my first book, Before I BreakI knew it was a story that needed to be told. (You can read more about that here.)  Then with The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles, my paranormal young adult series, I knew I wanted to leave a mark on my readers. Incorporating realistic issues in a paranormal setting has worked so far and I hope it continues to work for the rest of the series.

My newest novel, which I’ll be doing a blog post about soon, got me thinking about why I write. I’m seeing a common theme with my novels. That may or may not be a good thing, but regardless, it’s there. Themes of love, heartbreak, depression, suicide, anxiety, LGBTQ, friendship, death, loss, etc. are all consistent throughout my work. The reason why is because I want to reach into people’s hearts and leave a mark. Leaving my mark on readers is important to me, much more important than writing something with no value.

As far as what I want to gain…

I want experience. As I write, I want to grow, and better my writing and myself. I want to create worlds and characters that people will never forget. I want to create stories and circumstances that will make readers laugh, cry, and feel the same emotions that I do when I write it. So far I’ve done well, and I look forward to seeing that I can do in the long run.

Another book announcement coming soon. It’s the book I’ll be writing for my senior project at my new school, so stay tuned!


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