The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles to Feature Multiple POVs

I have a message for all of my readers of The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles. It’s one that I’m very excited to share.

As you all know, the first book in The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles was called Forbidden Darkness and had Heather’s point of view only. It worked really well for the first book, as a way to introduce her and the world around her. Now, as I’ve finished the second book in the series and started the third book, I can say this:

The Forbidden Darkness books will have multiple narrators per book.

Now, this may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. By multiple, I just mean more than one. In the second book, titled Shadow People (coming this fall), Heather and Hayden are telling the story. In the third book, a new POV has been added. It’s a POV I’m very excited to have.

So the first book has one narrator. The second book has two. The third book has three.

Does this mean the fourth book will have four? Probably not. But who knows. As this world grows, and more characters are introduced, there’s so many stories to tell that all intertwine with each other.

What I can say is that the final book (book eight) will probably have at least four POVs. I can explain more on that once I get closer to it, but I have an endgame in mind. One that I really love.

I just wanted to make this little announcement to get everyone ready for what’s to come. Will your favorite Forbidden Darkness Chronicles character get their own POV? Make sure to continue reading the books to find out!


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