Before I Break Cover Reveal!

Before I break

Here it is! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! My upcoming LGBT realistic fiction novel, Before I Break, is re-releasing through Booktrope August 7th, 2015!

Before I Break cover

This is the beautiful cover wrap for the book!  If you are unable to read what it says on the back, here’s the information:

“Alec John Belle’s bold debut novel, Before I Break, introduces a courageous new author with a voice unafraid to tackle tough social issues.”  -Alex Sanchez, author of Rainbow Boys and The God Box.


When religiously raised Cyril Hayes begins his junior year at East Hill High School, every choice he makes suffers a greater consequence. While facing challenges of friends, family, and love, he learns that hate and intolerance are also a very large part of our world today.

Cyril Hayes is seemingly just like any other male his age. He has the perfect girlfriend, Melissa Summers, his best friend, Jake Rivers, and a lawyer father who brings home enough money to support his family and then some. When Cyril begins his junior year, he doesn’t expect his life to spiral out of control when he meets Avery Branson, the new kid in school who has a big secret: he’s gay. At first, Cyril doesn’t handle this truth well, due to the way he was raised, but as the story progresses, he ventures deep into the reality of homosexuality and begins to accept Avery for who he is.

Not everyone is happy with Cyril’s new friend, including Jake, who believes that homosexuality is a sin and is refusing to budge his beliefs. But Avery isn’t the only one at East Hill with secrets. Soon a tragedy will strike, knocking Cyril’s world completely off balance and leaving a scar on his heart that will change his view of humanity all together.


What do you think?  Will you be getting your copy?

I have some good news for you e-book readers.  We are offering ARCs in exchange for honest reviews.  If you click this link and sign up, you will be able to read it early!  The catch is that if you read, an honest review is required (particularly Amazon).

For the rest of you, mark you calendars!  August 7th will be here soon enough!  In the meantime, let’s stare at this beautiful cover some more.

Before I Break Final Cover


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