Why I’ve Been Absent; What I’ve Been Working On In The Meantime

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really absent from blogging lately.  With the occasional post here and there, that’s obviously not enough.

There’s a reason–or a few reasons–why I’ve been so absent these last few weeks.  Here’s the basic rundown.

  • Exams:  You know those evil little things called exams?  Yes, the things that are worth like 30% of your grade.  I’ve been doing those. *shudders*  It’s horrible, really.  But I had to spend the last few weeks studying for those and taking those.  Now that the summer is here, despite looking for a job, I will be more available to post and tell you about what’s going on in the book world.
  • Pretty Little Liars is back!:  Okay, some of you are probably going to yawn and think, “WTF Alec?  You’re an author.  You have more important things to do than try and figure out who A is.”  But you see, it’s addicting.  PLL is like a drug, and when it’s not on, I find myself scurrying around the internet trying to find new theories, clues, and news.  Because now that we know (*GASP!* Charles!) is A, we have no idea who the eff Charles is.  So they basically told us who A is without telling us who A is.  Want to talk about chronic stress?
  • FORBIDDEN DARKNESS RELEASED!:  See, this is something that I probably should have blogged about, but with the plethora of things I have going on right now, it actually slipped my mind!  I’m so excited that this little lovely is finally out!

Forbidden Darkness Cover

I mean, look at how gorgeous this is.  You can get it $2.99 for Kindle or $11.95 in paperback here!

  • Writing the second Forbidden Darkness Chronicles book:  I am about 1/3 of the way there.  Actually, not about. am 1/3 of the way there, and I’m ready to jump out of my skin writing it.  THAT is how excited I am for this book.  It takes everything I loved about the first book and amplifies it by 10.  It’s crazy, and so many secrets are revealed.  But with every answer comes more questions. *laughs menacingly*
  • Editing Before I Break:  This book is a re-releases (LGBT contemporary) and will release this summer…eventually…I actually have the cover reveal on the 17th.  The book is coming, but with exams, I literally had no time to fix the things my editor told me to.  I need to do that soon before my proofreader thinks this book is never going to be made!
  • Watching Finding Carter:  WHY DID IT TAKE MY SO LONG TO WATCH THIS SHOW?! WHY IS LORI SO CRAZY?! WHY KID SHE KIDNAP CARTER? There is so much more to this story than meets the eye, and if it gets cancelled due to the drop of rating, I will literally fly to MTV…and uh…be nice…yeah…that’s what I was gonna say…
  • Sleeping My FAVORITE thing to do out of all of these: sleep.  What more can I say?

I hope this update gives you an idea of what I’m doing, what’s coming, and what I’ll be doing this summer (#SummerofAnswers).  (For those that don’t get the hashtag, it’s the #SummerOfAnswers on PLL, but the second book in The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles also has tons of answers, so…I should stop with all these side notes.)

I’ll keep you all posted as much as possible!  Stay tuned for the cover reveal of Before I Break on the 17th, and click here to read the second prequel short story!


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