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One of my lovely book manager’s just made her first blog post! Not only is she my book manager for Before I Break, she is also a photographer! (Psssst, she also did my cover for Forbidden Darkness, which I absolutely love!) Go check her out!

anhalt photography and designblog



I have decided to put my heart and soul out on the interweb. I’m no author, so please forgive any grammar errors, or my excited giddiness. I love emoticons and explanation points – I’m not yelling, I’m excited. I consider my clients family, and I feel like you should know your family, right? So if you want – feel free to read below for a little “about me” and a list of my favorite things.

First and foremost, I absolutely love my job! I enjoy every aspect, from the sound of children’s laughter to their sleepy faces when they have had enough  Aren’t kids the cutest? I started out working at a Philadelphia portrait studio in 2007 after taking photography classes at Community college. After almost five years of working there, they closed and I was devastated. I think that that was the best…

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