Choose My Side Project For 2015!

Some of you may be looking at this and wondering what on God’s green earth this is.  Well, let me explain it to you a little bit.

My friend and fellow author, Nikki Rae, just recently made a blog post along with a poll asking her fans to tell her what book she should write next for 2015.  She had so many ideas and she can’t seem to choose, and I’m kind of in the same boat as her.  Except for mine, I want you guys to choose a side project for me to work on.

The project that you choose will be the one that I write whenever I don’t have the mojo to write the current Forbidden Darkness Chronicles book.  Yes, the next Forbidden Darkness Chronicles book is the MOST important thing right now, but I have so many idea stirring around that I want to build upon.  There are so many different worlds and different characters and different choices to choose from that I can’t do it on my own!  So below I have the working titles (if there is one), the genre, and a short little description of each one.  Read them, see which ones you like, and then vote at the bottom in the poll box!

1.  Altered (Dystopian Novel)

Altered is a story of a boy who grows up in a futuristic world where homosexuality is “cured” by changing the gender of the person, because science believes that gay people were born in the wrong bodies.  I currently plan on this book being a standalone and have no other concept about the story than what I just told you.

2.  Willow’s Novel, which is currently untitled (Paranormal YA on Faeries)

I’ve wanted to write a faerie series for a long time but hadn’t read enough faerie books to be able to do so.  Now that I’ve read some more fae novels I would love to write this book.  Right now it’s about a girl named Willow who sees faeries.  Yeah.  That’s it.  I’ll get back to you on that plot if this book is chosen.

3.  The Long Road Home (Contemporary YA)

Now, THIS is a book I’ve wanted to write for a while now.  Based loosely off an event that happened to, it’s about two people (undecided on the genders) who fall in love in a mental hospital, but will their problems bring them closer together or only tear them apart?  This will be a very dark contemporary YA novel with romance in it.  I think you’ll probably cry because I have a little idea of where I want to go with the plot.  For the Before I Break fans, this one may be for you.

4.  Toxic (Unspecified genre)

This is a story I just got an idea for today.  It’s about two guys who have been friends for about ten years, but their friendship later becomes toxic (hence the title, Toxic), and one of the guys goes down a very dark, twisted path that will lead both of the characters to even bigger problems.  That’s about all I have for you right now.

5.  Once I Fall (Before I Break, #2)

This one is fairly obvious, and I’m sure that many fans of Before I Break want this book.  It takes place after chapter 36 in the first book, NOT after the epilogue.

So there you have it, those are your choices.  Make your decision in the poll below. 🙂  All you need to do is click the link and vote.


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