My Message to Leelah Alcorn

Today I read several articles today informing us of the Leelah Alcorn situation.  Leelah was a MTF transgender and identified as female.  Her family, on the other hand, refused to accept her wishes, her desires, and who she really was.  They always referred to her as “he” or “him” or “Josh”, as that was his legal name.

After going on Twitter to see that #LeelahAlcorn is trending, the amount of sadness that has come over me withing the last hour is indescribable.  While I didn’t know Leelah personally, she was a beautiful young girl and deserved to be treated as such.  One of her friends even said that all Leelah ever wanted to be was a pretty girl.

To make matters even worse, her own mother went on Facebook and posted a status, referring to Leelah as her “son” and portraying Leelah’s death as an accident.  Yes, Leelah did get hit by a car, but it was planned.  Leelah Alcorn committed suicide and her own family doesn’t want to see that their daughter killed herself because of them.

Later, on Tumblr, Leelah had apparently written a post that was set to post after her death.  In the blog post, she explained the her situation, how she knew she was transgender, and that all she wanted to be was a girl.  She was a girl and her family refused to understand that.  In her post she also said that her death “needs to mean something” and that she wants all of her things sold and donated to Trans groups.

Here’s the thing:  We cannot blame Christians for what happened to her.  I am a Christian and gay, but that is a story for another time.  Christians aren’t the reason this young girl killed herself.  No, it’s her parents’ fault.

I know many of you are going to say that Leelah (or “Josh” if you want to be an asshole) killed herself and made that choice on her own.  Yes, she made that choice on her own, but would she have made that choice if she had a larger support system and if her family put aside their ignorance to LOVE her?  No, probably not.

But this post is not to her parents.  This blog post is to Leelah, although I know she cannot read this.  Here is is.

Dear Leelah,

I would first like to say that you were a beautiful girl.  You said you always wanted to be a pretty girl, and from what we have seen, you were stunning.  It doesn’t matter what your parents said to you, but you were a girl on the inside and did a good job of trying on the outside.  You ARE a girl.  No matter what your birth certificate says, your gender identity is female and always will be.

I wish there was some way I could have helped.  Something I could have done.  Some way to have known you before you made this terrible decision.  I would have been there for you.  I would have helped.  I would have done everything I could to make sure that you were still alive right now.  

The strange thing is, DESPITE all of the negative emotions this has caused, your story is reaching people just like you wanted.  People are hearing it.  People are telling it.  I even see cute little pictures on Twitter of drawings of you with dresses, wings, taking selfies, etc.  You’re one of the top hashtags right now on Twitter and you’re all most people can talk about.  There’s a whole community of people right here that WISH we could have done something to make it better.

But no worries, Leelah.  We are going to make sure that everyone around the globe hears your story.  We are going to take your story and use it to go one more step in the right direction.  There’s no “It Gets Better” anymore.  We don’t have time to wait for it to get better.  It needs to be better now!  And we’re all going to fulfill your wish and make society better.

I’ll remind you one more time, that Leelah, you are BEAUTIFUL.  You will be missed, and I can promise that you will never be forgotten.  God got an amazing girl by his side on Sunday. ❤ 

Rest in peace.  ❤

Leelah Alcorn
Please note, I don’t own this picture. It belongs to its original copyright owner.

5 thoughts on “My Message to Leelah Alcorn

  1. It hurts me to the core to know that she did this. I did not know her but I can’t imagine what she possibly went through.. I am also gay. I’m a girl that looks like a guy I like girls and I am not ashamed of it no matter who doesn’t like it. There’s nothing wrong and I also made a song about being judged called Judged by Angiee G on YouTube. Everyone check it out and to LGBT keep your heads up and be happy for who you truely are.

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  2. I sit here in absolute tears .I as a parent cannot imagine accepting my mtf daughter. I love her with all my heart and soul. We have had alot of ups and certainly alot of downs ,,, i HAVE ALWAYS TRIED TO PORTRAY TO ALL MY CHILDREN I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT !!ALL FIVE OF THEM …
    She is like a renegade with her identitiy and appears to not care what others say.I try to stay in the middle ground as I do not wish to see my firstborn daughter hurt in anyways not. by words,not by either my actions or by anyone one elses actions.
    So called friends and even some family have a difficult time following my understanding ,,, but it is not for them to question it is for me to understand .

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  3. This is absolutely heartbreaking! I can’t even imagine what was going through her mind when this happened. The sad part is, she probably didn’t even second guess herself. She knew she wanted to do this. We should all be ashamed because if this world was actually accepting of others, this wouldn’t have happen. I will keep her lose friends and close family in my thoughts and prayers!

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